Your Home. Your Identity. Your Hand-Crafted Story in Stone.

We consider each artwork an expression of self. Since time immemorial, societies have endeavored to create impressions in their surroundings. Humanity’s desire to preserve legacy is arguably our most prominent motivating force. Much like ancient inscriptions scattered worldwide (such as Native American bluff paintings very near our HQ dated hundreds of years old, [read here]), stone signage communicates identity through design: preserving local history, influencing any space, conveying ideas, informing future and current generations.

Whether it be signage, historical plaques, cemetery restoration, or masonry construction, we’re here to offer consultation, custom-illustrated artwork, and involved site planning at no additional cost.

Each raw stone is unearthed from historically significant areas within domestic US, inspected for structural integrity and aesthetic value, and refined to clients’ request.


Why Choose Us?

Maximally Appealing Products at Minimum Cost   

Direct to consumer business model eliminates 3rd party markups, which typically represent approximately 30% of retail value.

Staffed installation, design, and shipment network

further reduce unnecessary expense. What’s more, we partner with installation experts and freight brokers nationwide to provide efficient, no-hassle delivery for clients outside our service area.

Proprietary Technique

& technology developed over 17 years allows for greatest possible uniformity, depth perception, color coherence, and visibility, all without unnecessary chemical waste. Housing Association member? We’ll adhere to your local code and consult with authorities to ensure conformity.

Experience + Passion

Since 2001, we’ve scoured remote areas, seeking naturally beautiful stone. Rather than normal template cuts, we admire rustic-themed art pieces, preserved in their natural state, meant to inspire awe in every environment.

Getting Started

Reach out at your leisure.

Our design office is open 8a-6p CST each day. Typically, we’re able to begin phone consultation immediately without appointment. To meet in person, however, appointment is highly recommended.

Find What Fits

In the area or in the mood for a road trip? We’d love to meet you! Otherwise, chat over the phone with a representative while viewing your design’s creation online in real time. Too busy to chat? Revisions available by email as well. A brief initial conversation is all we need to get started!


No problem. Your finished product leaves our manufacturing facility and arrives at your desired location, typically less than three weeks from design confirmation. Expedited service available as well.

Experience + Passion

Since 2001, the McDonald family and staff have scoured remote areas, seeking naturally beautiful substrates. Rather than simple straight-edge cuts, we admire rustic-themed art pieces, preserved in their natural state, meant to inspire awe in every environment.

No Middleman. No Markups. Lifetime Satisfaction.  

The old adage rings true:
“Carve your successes in stone, your failures in sand.”

Reach McDonald Stone Co. today to speak confidentially & cost free with experienced artisans and learn how we can improve your landscape, whether your budget is $300 or $30,000.

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