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begins in 2001 with an unfortunate start: the death of a beloved family member. A search for monuments led to pushy salesmen and generic-seeming machined products with little personal identity, usually etched chemically by unconcerned employees. Rather than feeling discouraged, we elected to create something truly unique. Using a series of chisels, a ton of saw blades, and a few now-proprietary tools borrowed from other projects, we crafted our first memorial signage from local, native Missouri stone. Within weeks, customer outreach was overwhelming. Our waiting list soon spanned many months in advance; It was time to expand. Present date, McDonald Stone Co. ships products directly (nationwide), assisting in installation locally, and sourcing the best landscapers for clients abroad. We house a large inventory, each inspected by our curators for novel aesthetic value and structural integrity.

The old adage rings true:
“Carve your successes in stone, your failures in sand.”

Choose from a wide variety of shapes, sizes, hues, textures, and species, sourced from mountainous areas, and enjoy unheard-of selection at a fraction of traditional cost. Better still, expect your finished product mere weeks from design confirmation.

Call McDonald Stone Co. today to speak confidentially with experienced artisans and learn how we can improve your landscape, whether your budget is $300 or $30,000.

No middleman. No markups. Satisfaction guaranteed for your lifetime.
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