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Memorial Monument

Looking for something out of the ordinary? 

Our specialty! Let us source materials, working aggressively to offer you the best product for your budget, whether stone of our "signature raw" material, "traditional polished", or otherwise. Don't want full service from us? No problem! Working within your cemetery mandates, we will do all or welcome customer pick up at our facility for your private installation. Our "signature raw" McDonald Stone product is made from quarried raw stone, hand-crafted in historically significant Madisonville, MO, and built to last centuries. 


Getting Started

Our staffed illustrators & aesthetic consultants strive to exceed your expectations, lessen the emotional burden, and create a product you’ll cherish forever. After reaching out in-person or electronically, we’ll prepare your first-tailored proof. After having found the stone product and design you love, we’ll begin the crafting process. Our artisans value uniformity, aesthetic coherence, and individual identity foremost. Each stone art piece undergoes significant preparation, offering a myriad of color, substrate, and design options.

Cole's Silhoutte.jpg


Loss is hard; we believe capturing a loved one’s identity in a permanent, meaningful fashion is the utmost honor. Whether it be a gravesite marker, obelisk, or non-traditional stone product, we’re here to listen intently, assist with creation and revision, and guide you toward the memorial best suited for you, intended to last centuries. In-person, over the phone, or electronically, we’re able to create digital proofs of your design, no hassle necessary. Something not quite right? We’ll work with you until each detail matches your preference during any stage of production.


On-Site Installation

McDonald Stone Co. delivers and installs cemetery monuments in the local tristate area, or connects with verified experts near you for complete installation service nationwide. We maintain relationships with vendors of all sorts and offer a myriad of memorial options including or beyond traditional gravesite selections. In polished granite or our "signature raw" stone, options include one or two-piece slab  or boulder monuments and unique offerings, such as historical plaques, commemorating memories, heritage, hobbies, etc.

Please visit our Memorial Gallery to view more of our designs. 

Interested in our services? 

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