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Welcome to

McDonald Stone Co.

Ask yourself: What legacy will I leave behind, say, 100 years from now? The day your child was born? Your wedding anniversary? Your reputation? The date of your family's home place? At McDonald Stone Co., we understand identity is important. Improve your landscape or interior design. Celebrate life, love, and individual experience in a unique rustic-themed form that's certain to inspire for decades! Reach our New London, Missouri, office at 844-51-STONE for an appointment. Offering hand-crafted stones for family, commercial, historical plaques, engraved statues, cemetery memorials or all types polished or rustic stone signage...Your Story in Stone since 2001. 


Our Passion 


McDonald Stone Co. was founded by family members intent on celebrating life, personal identity, and culture. We consider each piece of art an undeniable indication of what matters most. Much like the centuries-old names & imagery etched into nearby caves, bluff sides, and trees, our stone centerpieces offer undeniable expression of self, meant to last lifetimes.

Contact us today at (844)51-STONE for a free design appointment in-house or by phone.

Building Your Design 

During initial consultation, choose from a large selection of design templates or enlist our artists to create your own illustration from scratch. Our design headquarters accepts clients in person or over the phone. Prefer Email? Prefer FaceTime? No problem! 


Logistics & Installation

Not Local? No problem! We offer installation throughout the US. Save even more by shipping via friendly freight affiliates. Once completed, your signage is on the way toward its new home!

Alternatively, we offer in-person pickup. If you’ve got the time, we’d love to meet you!

Prices begin at just $345 + Taxes & Fees 

Why Choose Us? 

Maximally Appealing Products at Minimum Cost 

direct to consumer business model eliminates 3rd party markups, which typically represent approximately 30% of retail value on our signature raw stone. Polished stone monuments and statues are offered also.  


Staffed installation, design, and shipment network  

further reduce unnecessary expense. What’s more, we partner with installation experts and freight brokers nationwide to provide efficient, no-hassle delivery for clients outside our service area. 


Proprietary Technique  

& technology developed over 20 years allows for greatest possible uniformity, depth perception, color coherence, and visibility, all without unnecessary chemical waste. Housing Association member? We’ll adhere to your local code and consult with authorities to ensure conformity.  


Experience + Passion 

since 2001, we’ve scoured remote areas, seeking naturally beautiful stone. Rather than normal template cuts, we admire rustic-themed art pieces, preserved in their natural state, meant to inspire awe in every environment.  

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